Novel Coronavirus – What we know so far

Knowledge is the only weapon to fight against Coronavirus.

Promoting interest in safety from Novel Coronavirus disease is, by far, the best possible way to reduce its catastrophic impact on our social and economic life. The pandemic wreaked havoc in every corner of the world, creating panic and forcing people to lock themselves in their homes to contain further contamination. Yet, thousands of new cases keep surfacing every single day and there is always news of people dying since the advent of this deadly virus. There seems no end to it, at least not in the near future.

What can we expect in the future?

By far, we only know that a possible treatment or vaccine in on the way but it is highly unlikely for any of us to predict an exact date or time. We cannot sit ideal and wait for a scientific breakthrough that can remove the virus from stem and root. However, staying put at home is the best defence we have right now against this virus. The frustration and fear of people stuck at home are getting intense due to the rising death toll of Novel Coronavirus, as they fear the possibility of getting infected if they leave the comfort of their home even for buying groceries. This is like hiding in a bunker to avoid getting shot in your head. This is a war that nobody wants to fight the chances of victory are very low.

Even the best in the world medical associations, scientists and researchers are helpless against the might of this deadly virus. They are still puzzled with the origin of the virus and have no clue on how to stop it. They keep experimenting with new medicines to find a possible cure but the results are not very satisfying yet. The rising terror of Coronavirus has already consumed thousands of lives and affected millions across the planet.

Coronavirus banners – Awareness and Education

Banners can help people understand the nature of the disease and point out the key activities to help prevent further contamination while encourage them to stick to a healthy normal life that includes staying at home. 

As long as we don’t have a cure, educating people about the basic symptoms of Coronavirus and encouraging them to engage in safe practices is the only way for us to keep the virus at bay and prevent the further escalation of this deadly virus from reaching every household. It’s not like if you get infected, death is inevitable. The majority of victims who succumbed to the infection are people between the age of 50 and 60 or above. But, that doesn’t mean the youngsters are invincible against the virus. In fact, it is very likely for youngsters with a medical history to be at a high risk of infection. Such people are then, transferred to the quarantine when diagnosed positive with the COVID-19 infection. The reason for them being in the critical stage of infection is low immunity to fight against such a vicious disease. The same happens with old age people as well. So, it is very important for us to promote and participate in campaigns like social distancing and safe practices to stay safe and keep others away from getting infected. The best tools you can use to promote education against Novel Coronavirus are banners, posters, billboards, acrylic signs, banner stands, flags and many more. They can help evoke great interest among local residents to join the fight against the pandemic. Banners with slogans like “Wash your Hands” “Social Distancing” “Wear masks and hand gloves” have proved to be a great asset in preventing the spread of infection. It compels people to give a second thought on what they should do or what precautions they should take.

Health advisories you can promote by using banners and posters: 

  • If you feel the symptoms like flu, fever, cough and difficult breathing
  • The infection is not serious for everyone including children
  • There is currently no vaccine
  • Most people get better with enough rest, water to drink and medicine
  • Maintain social distancing
  • The chances of death for a healthy person if gets infected is low
  • Avoid traveling to public places
  • Always wash your hands after every meal, sports activities, before cooking, after using the toilet, after coming back to home
  • Avoid physical contacts with other people
  • Do not touch your mouth, nose, and eyes or receive items that come in contact with any of them
  • If unwell, do not share items such as bedding, dishes, pencils or towels

Due to the global lockdown, the economic fabric of many countries and businesses have suffered major setbacks because of the lack of customers. To revive the global economy back on track, Governments need to encourage businesses to use online methods of doing business. Banners with “Work from Home” slogans can help businesses keep rotating the wheel of profit during this crisis. Whether you are a business owner or a concerned civilian, Coronavirus banners and posters can help you to contribute the best in your power to educate people on Novel Coronavirus.     

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