Covid 19 Screening This Way Indoor Floor Mats

Covid 19 Screening This Way Indoor Floor Mats


COVID-19 Indoor Floor Mats Guide Visitors to Screening Areas

  • Coloured floor mats come in two different sizes to meet your needs.
  • The lightweight material provides for easy placement and repositioning.
  • Pre-printed messages help save time and effort and make the mats ready to use.
  • 1440 DPI printing offers sharp image quality.

Preprinted Floor Mats are Durable, High in Quality and Customisable

For every facility, it's important that visitors undergo a screening process to determine the possibility that they may have an infection. Such institutions are on the search for a simple and eye-catching communication tool to guide visitors to screening zones. These coloured floor mats help you communicate effectively, the sharp image quality, high readability, and durability combined make the mats an ideal solution for your needs.

These 10 mm thick hospital floor mats come in coral fleece. This fine-textured fabric does not fade or shed easily — making for a durable and long-lasting product. The mats have a size tolerance of +/-3% and a weight tolerance of +/-5%.

Produced through full-colour dye-sublimation printing, the floor mats feature sharp images, ensuring that every detail is clearly visible from a distance. The printing process also offers a smooth finish and vivid, vibrant colours. Resolutions of up to 1440 DPI provide legible graphics to help you easily put your message across.

You have the option of ordering these indoor floor mats in two different sizes. This customisation option allows you to select a product that is tailored to the needs of your business.

Ready-to-Use, Portable Coloured Floor Mats

BannerBuzz hospital floor mats have a pre-printed message that reads “COVID-19 Screening Test This Way”. This feature helps you save time and effort spent on self-designing. The message gives a quick and easy way of guiding your visitors to the screening area.

The lightweight material of these coloured floor mats makes them easy to place. Reposition them with the integrated reverse-side grippers. The mats can be a one-time investment because they're portable and simple to use and store as per your requirements.

Order Indoor Floor Mats in Bulk

We meet individual needs as well as the needs of large or small establishments alike. We have on offer the option of purchasing the printed floor mats in quantities as low as 2 to over 500. Discount options available upon making a bulk purchase.

BannerBuzz offers floor mats with precise, pre-printed messages for effective communication. Guide visitors to screening areas with the help of these tools.

  • Coral fleece pile material
  • Non-woven fabric with grippers at the back
  • 10 mm material thickness
  • Full colour, 1440 DPI, dye-sublimation printing
  • 3 x 2 ft, 4 x 3 ft size options

Shop for “COVID-19 Screening This Way” indoor floor mats, for your business online at BannerBuzz.