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  • Trade Show Canopy Kit Starts at $1,952.06

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  • Portable Trade Show Kit Starts at $659.73

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  • Event Display Package Starts at $744.75

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  • Compact Display Package Starts at $2,860.93

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  • Skytube Display Package Starts at $1,784.85

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  • Display Package for 6m x3m Trade Show Booth Starts at $2,684.75

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  • 10'x8' Backdrop Display Package Starts at $1,464.20

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  • Economy Display Package Starts at $272.98

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  • Promotional Set Up Package Starts at $224.77

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Our tradeshow display packages include the following items:

  • Portable canopy with rollup banner stand & table cover for enhanced visibility
  • 10ft twistlock display package for added appeal
  • 10' x 8' backdrop display package for an attention grabbing booth

Give Your Booth The Appeal It Is Missing

When you are part of a tradeshow or a corporate event, it becomes essential to invest in an appealing display package that gets you noticed. And when your competitors are part of the same event, you must do everything in your power to make your audience visit your booth and buy from you. One such display package by is the trade show canopy kit that includes everything you will ever need to set up a professional and attractive booth.

The trade show canopy kit is designed using cutting edge technology and the most refined materials to ensure that your booth is looking flawless. Our ez event display package will decorate your booth in the most attention grabbing manner, making your brand look incredible.

The Best Economy Display Package To Get Your Brand The Right Attention

If you are in search of an economy display package that puts your brand in the limelight, take a look at our ez event display package. The display package comes with a range of promotional materials including portable canopy with roll up banner stand & table cover, twistlock display package, display package for 6m x 3m trade show booth, 10' x 8' backdrop display package, and a complete promotional set up package.

When you set-up a booth with these promotional materials, you are able to get maximum exposure at the event. From the canopy to the banners, your booth will stand out and deliver your brand's message in the most appealing way.

Get Your Message Across With Our Customisable Promotional Set Up Package

If you want to attract your customers towards your booth, make use of our compact display package. The compact display package is one-of-a-kind and includes the most refined marketing materials. When you set up a booth with such a display package, you are able to deliver your message in the most eye catching manner. What's more is that at, you can customise your displays the way you want.

There's no limit to customisation with us. So, you can change the way your promotional tools appear and get maximum attention to your booth. Whether you want to change the colours or the graphics on your displays, we offer it all.

Don't let an unprofessional and unappealing display ruin your thunder at any event and make use of our trade show display package to make an everlasting impression on the crowd!