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  • Bungees

    Bungees are one of the most common and easy ways to hang banners. Bungees are fibertex cords and it can stretch to up to 1.5 times their normal length. Elastic nature allows for moderate wind play, and also keep banners stretched tight. Bungees are 5 to 8 mm thick and made from industrial strength fiber strings.

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  • Zip Ties

    If you are in search of cost effective and quick banner fastening solutions then zip ties from BannerBuzz might be just what you need. Ideal for hanging vinyl or mesh banners onto a chain link fence or a pole or almost anything that you can slide one of their ends into, zip ties are perfect banner ties if you are short on hardware. These are also great if you are hanging banners solo. Use them to hang up Little League banners, ‘Now Open’ banners in front of a new store and you can even attach banners to steel shelving if you need to.

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  • Skyhooks

    At BannerBuzz, we have a variety of these in stock. Our skyhooks feature simple knobs and steadfast fastening systems that make them extremely versatile for any media. Order them in bulk for a tradeshow or office event and ensure your banners remain in the limelight. Best for both indoor and outdoor use, skyhooks are used to attach banners or any poster to glass or any non-porous surface. Each is equipped with studs and attractive knobs that can be easily attached to almost any surface. The clear cups virtually disappear when they clamp onto glass thus ensuring your banner remains front and center.

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  • Banner Clips

    Lopsided or dangling banners do not look appealing at all, and if they are set up like that during a tradeshow, then just imagine the damage it will do to your business reputation. This is where BannerBuzz’s Banner clips can help.

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  • Wall Brackets

    Wall brackets are a great signage solution for any business that wants to stand out from its competitors. BannerBuzz has a variety of them in stock and can customize them according to the brand colors you need. Each of our wall brackets are custom made to hold a variety of banner sizes and they are powder coated to give the best possible protection against the elements. Whether you are introducing a new product or offering a special promotion mounted wall brackets can ensure they receive the exposure you need. Install as many as you need and attract potential customers to your business who might be interested in you wares. Each of our banners is powder coated to protect them from the elements so they can last for years.

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  • Pole Brackets

    Are you in search of pole brackets that will not let your banners droop come rain or shine? BannerBuzz has a selection of pole brackets and hardware that can be replaced if they get damaged. We offer a large selection of custom pole brackets that will meet your needs.

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  • Squeegee

    A stiff plastic application squeegee designed for the installation of vinyl decals & graphics. It provides easy handling and pressure control.

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  • Red Carpet Runners

    This red carpet is durable and long lasting. It is very easy to roll out and store.

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  • Water Bag Base

    The water bag provides greater stability to the flag. It can be used with the cross base to provide more support

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  • Square Base

    The square base is specially designed for pinpoint flags to provide them greater stability. Best suitable for outdoor windy conditions

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  • Spike Base

    Spike base provides stability to the flag in outdoor environments. Simply attach the flag to the base and pin it into the ground. You will no longer have to worry about winds blowing the flag away in outdoor environments.

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  • Cross Base

    Cross base is ideal to use for hard surface ground. It is the most suitable base for flag banners.

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  • Hard Case Podium (For Pop Ups)

    Molded plastic hard carry case with inset wheels for easy mobility. Case also has a centre grip. It can be fit any fabric popup straight and curved displays. It will protect your frames and make you transport easy.

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  • Canopy Tent Travel Bag with Wheels

    Equipped with two wheels and a pull handle, this Casita Canopy Bag is fit for a 10ft Casita frame. Easily transport your tent to any event. Compact size for a large surprise.
    Dimension and weight for the same as below. Both are with wheel.

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  • Round nylon bag (for popup)

    This round nylon bag (for popup) is made of oxford and comes with wheel. It can be used to pack fabric popup straight and curved displays. It not only can help protect the frames but also make the transport easy.

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  • Nylon Rope

    Helping signage stand out in a crowd is our specialty at BannerBuzz, which is one of the reasons why we are considered leading banner providers. All of our banners come equipped with nylon rope and the banners are double stitched with them across their entire length. Reinforced eyelet stitching and brass eyelets are punched through the material to accommodate the nylon rope. Since we use a hydraulic press to perforate the material and stitch it shut, the banners remain steadfast in the face of strong winds and thus a longer life. You can also order extra nylon ropes for your signage if you need and we will send them with your banners.

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