Adjustable X Banner Stands


Want a professional and highly functional marketing product, without spending a lot of money? Our adjustable X stands are it.

Useful everywhere

Our adjustable X stands are portable and allow you to put them up in a variety of settings wherever you want. Attending a tradeshow or is it a seminar? Maybe you have a conference meeting to look forward to or are you pulling of another mega event of some sort? Whatever the occasion is, display our adjustable X stands and your business will be marketed in a positive light.

Plus, our adjustable X stands offer a refined and professional look, which attracts more customers. Plus, it is sure to be in your budget, which makes it an even better choice.

Lightweight, making it simple to set up

Our adjustable X banner stand is made from high quality aluminium alloys. The stand features a gear mechanism, which swings out the poles on both sides, forming an X shape. The overall height of the stand can be adjusted with a durable latch.

Our adjustable X stand is a lightweight product and can be set up easily.

Why Banner Buzz NZ

There are so many reasons as to why we are the best choice for all your marketing supplies.

  • Quality and durable products
  • Fast shipment times
  • Low prices

So if you want to market your business in a cost-effective way but with maximum efficiency, buy our adjustable X stands today.