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Clip Flags
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  • Clip Flags

Clip Flags


Grab all the attention you deserve with our clip-on flags

  • Increases the visibility of your message anytime, anywhere.
  • Suits best for product promotion, events and press conference
  • Easy to install

Because messages should be displayed clearly

  • Competition is ever high, and only when you are clear, can you gain an edge. And clip flags allow you to do just this.
  • Clip flags highlight your message effectively, forcing your potential consumers to take an action.
  • Our clips flags are perfect for any environment and event.
  • We print our flags using high quality inks. The designs don't blur or fade away with time, regardless of the weather and the environment that you use them in.
  • Our clip flags are durable and can be used at several events for lengthy periods of time. They are lightweight as well and can be quickly assembled and reassembled.

A multitude of options to choose from

  • You can either opt for a single or double sided printed clip flag.
  • We offer our clip banners in three distinctive shapes: rectangle, teardrop and blade.
  • These clip flags come with a pole and clip
  • Clip flags aren't only effective - they are affordable as well. And they can create "big" impact. Place an order for our eye catching clip flags today!
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