Collector Cards

Collector Cards


Promote your brand & add to your customers' collection.

  • Unique advertising solution that serves both recreational and promotional needs.
  • Design and create your very own collector card, to give your customers an extraordinary brand experience on the go.
  • Material is thick, durable and water resistant, ideal for cards that'stomers want to collect and store.
  • Large size and fully customisable nature makes it ideal for creative advertising and promotions at all events.
  • Product border Should be minimum 3 mm.Thin borders can come out lopsided due to the cutting process

Our Custom Collector Cards are popularly known as Trading Cards, are an excellent tool to promote your brand at range of events and occasions.

  • Owing to their larger size, they provide you the unique opportunity of using both graphics and text.
  • Ideal for handing out at store openings, shows or exhibit's, to grain traction with new customers and generate brand awareness.
  • They are also a great prop to provide to customers along with their purchased item, to add to their collection of trading cards and keep your brand name and logo top-of-mind of every customer!

Bannerbuzz allows you to fully customize your collector card to suit the needs of your particular brand and business!