Concave Flags

Concave Flags


Available in sizes from 6ft to 14ft with easy set up

  • Available in sizes from 6ft to 14ft
  • Hardware Only - Includes Poles & Base only
  • Easy to setup
  • Graphic Only - Does Not Include Poles and Base
  • Carbon Composite Fiber Glass Construction
  • Graphic with Hardware - Includes Poles & Base
  • Takes little to time to set up
  • No washing required
  • Made for indoor and outdoor use in low-wind areas

Flaunt Your Brand Using a Solution that Works

Our concave banner flag has long been an ideal option for several types of businesses. Everyone from real estate agent, beach resorts, retail outlets, tax professional, hotels, schools, and car dealerships has benefited from using our concave flag to promote an event, sale, product, service, or brand. Whether you are an upcoming business or one that's been around for a long time, if you have never used concave flags to garner attention and exposure for your business, you are missing out.

Our concave flags, made from durable and top quality material, are available in all shapes and sizes. They are easy to install and come with their own carry bag to allow you to carry it to different locations, especially if you have ordered more than one to put up, either outside or inside your store. You can place the custom concave flag both inside and outside to gain maximum exposure.

Customise Our Concave Flags to Design Promotional Material, Guaranteed to Find You an Audience

You have two options to customise our concave flags. You can either upload your chosen design on our site and we'll tell our designers to print it on the polyester material. You can instruct us on the type of design you are looking to obtain and our designers will create and print it on the flag.

If you want, you can choose to print graphics and text on both sides of the flag or choose to print on only one side. You can print different graphics on each side as well. For instance, if you want to promote your store and a sale you are having, you can place information about your store on one side and information about the sale on the other side.

Our Concave Flags Will Not Give You Any Hassle When Setting Up

Our concave banners come with fibreglass and aluminium pole set and ground spike. To set it up, you need to slide the flag on the aluminium and fibreglass pole, and then secure the pole set onto the base. You can reuse the pole sets. If you want to place an order for another flag in the future, you'll not have to order the flag with a pole set, unless you want to reuse the previous one again.

What Are You Waiting For? Place Your Order for Our Concave Flags Right Away!

Our solution to promote your business is cost-effective and convenient. Most importantly, it works. It is an inexpensive solution to attract business to your store. In addition to your other marketing and advertising efforts, you need to use our concave banners to create a buzz about your services and products. Our concave banners are easy to use and will serve you'll in achieving your goals to spread awareness about your business.