Cross Over Table Covers

Cross Over Table Covers


Transform the look of your trade show or seminar booth with this striking tablecloth.

  • 180 GSM Stretch fabric material
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Change the look of the table by using different designs on both sides

The Cross Over Table Cover by BannerBuzz is the next big thing! These covers are made from spandex that will smartly fit your table or booth. This will come in handy if you want to promote your products and services at events, exhibit's, and other formal events. Since the cover has an impressive design, you can easily customize your table and can make it look aesthetically pleasing in no time. The best part is that these covers have a reversible side as you can easily stretch the material in order to cover the legs of the table.

Since you are provided with two separate covers, you can easily change the look of your table. Simply swap the covers and you'll have a different Cross Over Table Cover. The covers are available in vibrant colors that will attract the attention of all the people, who will then come your way to checkout your products and services. Not only this, you can easily get the logo of your business on the cover, which will be easily visible to everyone else.

The products by BannerBuzz are known for their durability. In order to maintain high quality standards, the company only uses premium quality raw materials, which is why these covers will last you for several years as will not tear easily. So if you are looking forward to decorating your table or both in an outdoor or indoor event, then get the Cross Over Table Cover by BannerBuzz.