Curve Pillow Case Backdrop

Curve Pillow Case Backdrop


Great alternative to standard backwall displays

  • Seamless printing
  • Excellent for Tadeshow displays
  • Zipper on half of the bottom and half of the right side

The Perfect Media Backdrop For Making Heads Turn!

If you are looking for an outstanding media backdrop that can impress the crowd, you must check out our curve pillowcase backdrops. The curve pillowcase backdrop is made using premium material and the design is printed on it using high-quality dye that makes the colors pop. These backdrops give your event a touch of personalization and also act as great tools for branding.

We are offering complete customization solutions on our curve pillowcase backdrops!

Our curve pillowcase backdrops can be customized with your choice of artwork and design. In just a few simple steps, you can customize your own backdrop. If you don't have a designer to work on your pillowcase backdrop design, we have our designers to help you totally free-of-cost. Once you have uploaded your design, you can hit enter to get it delivered at your door steps without any delivery charges.

Our Backdrops Will Stay Intact For Longer Than You Expected!

Our curve pillowcase backdrops are wrinkle-resistant, which means that they will give your event a sleek and clean look. They are also made using stretchable fabric, which is great for keeping the material in its perfect shape and form. Our backdrops also come bearing a hidden zipper.

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