Custom Badges


Key Features

  • Exceptional Build Quality: Fashioned from superior plastic for resilience and elegance
  • Reliable Durability: Crafted to withstand daily wear and tear
  • Perfect Size & Firm Securing: Standard 58 mm dimension with a safety pin for steadfast attachment
  • Spark Your Creativity: Broad personalisation choices to ignite creativity
  • Lively & Guarded Aesthetic: Employs vivid paper printing beneath a protective plastic sheath
  • Versatile Volume Options: Obtainable in packs from 50 to 5000 for any event size

Product Overview

Stand Out in the Kiwi Market with Unique Custom Badges for Events

In New Zealand's fiercely competitive market, distinguishing your brand is more essential than ever. Our Custom Badges are far more than mere accessories; they're a declaration of your brand's uniqueness. Constructed from superior-quality plastic, these badges skillfully merge resilience with aesthetic appeal, ensuring your brand or message not only garners attention but also makes an enduring impact.

These badges are designed with more than just appearance in mind; they are built for durability. Composed of robust, hard-wearing plastic, each badge is adept at resisting wear and tear, rendering them perfect for continual use. Measuring at a standard 58 mm and equipped with a safety pin at the back, they can be effortlessly affixed to various fabric types without inflicting any damage. Ideal for both law enforcement and custom badges for events, they symbolise an extension of your identity.

Custom Badges with Extensive Personalisation

We provide an all-encompassing selection of options for crafting your ideal custom badges for events or for marking workplace identification. Through the application of paper printing protected by a resilient plastic coating, we ensure every detail, from your emblem to bespoke designs, shines brightly in rich colours. Utilise our design platform and blueprints to generate personalised pinback badges for company branding, incorporating every team member into the broader narrative. Should you possess ready-made artwork, simply upload it prior to checkout to witness your concept materialise on our badges. This process transcends mere badge creation; it's about forging a badge that epitomises your brand.

Comprehensive Range of Packs for Every Requirement

Our dedication goes beyond merely supplying premium products; we also guarantee they are delivered to you promptly and efficiently. With availability in quantities ranging from 50 to 5000 units, no event is too grand for us to accommodate. Select 'priority' delivery upon ordering promotional pin badges for corporate events, ensuring these vital items are delivered exactly when needed, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Whether your aim is to enhance team cohesion within your organisation or to amplify brand visibility at external events and promotions, our bespoke pins offer a customised solution perfectly tailored to your needs.