Custom Hand Waving Flags


The perfect integration of quality, affordability and effectiveness

  • Hand held waving flags tick off all three factors, which makes them a desirable promotional tool.
  • BannerBuzz New Zealand offers high quality flags perfect for any occasion!
  • They are an economically effective tool if you are looking around for some quick attention. Share news on your next mega offer or announce your new product.
  • We use 100D polyester for our hand flags which is lightweight and inexpensive. Plus, it is a durable material and retains ink well.
  • These flags conveniently fit in hand and can easily be used because they comprise of only a single layer.
  • Our colours are of high quality and long lasting, and aren't easily affected by weather, so you can use the flags at multiple events for prolonged periods.

Custom hand flags tailored to your exact needs

  • Whether you are looking around to promote your next big event or organise a sports competition for your team or club, we can help you out.
  • Order our hand flags today! Or send us a design that you like, and we'll customise our product!