Desktop Flags - Blade


With a desk flag, small is the new big!

  • Create a buzz with double sided or single sided printed mini flag
  • High resolution digital printing in durable polyester for high impact advertising
  • Teardrop and blade table flag to attract and retain attention
  • No need to carry it! It comes with its own carry bag!
  • Easy assembly

Desktop Flags Add On to and Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy

Who says you need to go big to attract traffic to your store. Sometimes, going small such as by ordering a mini flag from us can create the desired effect among your target audience. It can even reel in new traffic.

Since the desk flag will have limited text, your targeted audience, including onlookers, will be able to take in what is written on it quickly. For instance, we can print the name of your brand or your logo on the flag on one side or both sides of the flag depending on your requirement. When people pass by your store or enter your store, their gaze will be automatically drawn to the table flag.

Your Efforts to Market Your Brand Will Not Be in Vain

ustomise a table flag to place in your store or on a table. Use our desk flag for decorative purposes. You can even carry the mini flag in your car, taking it out for spontaneous advertising opportunities.