Die-Cut Business Cards - Vertical


Showcase Your Brand with Customisable and Eco-Friendly Vertical Die-Cut Business Cards

Boost your brand's impact in New Zealand with our premium-quality die-cut business cards, essential in today's competitive environment. Our unique die-cut designs are not just about catching the eye; they're about creating enduring impressions.

These custom die-cut cards are crafted from strong Standard 14 pt cardstock, sustainably sourced, demonstrating a commitment to eco-friendly and professional networking. Choose from a gloss finish for a sleek look or a matte finish for elegance, both known for their durability and high-end feel, similar to those in luxury postcards and hang tags.

Our array of stylish card shapes meets all tastes, offering the sophistication of single-rounded corners, the sleekness of rounded corners, or the creativity of shapes like leaf, half-circle side, oval, and circle. Each card, conforming to the standard business card size of 2 inches x 3.5 inches, features a precise border over 3 mm, ensuring a refined finish.

At the core of our product is vibrant full-colour printing, which brings your brand to life with unmatched colour fidelity and lasting impact. This advanced printing method ensures your innovative business cards are remarkable for their clarity and lustre.

Ideal for New Zealand professionals seeking high-quality die-cut business card services, our cards are compatible with ballpoint pens (oil-based ink) and permanent markers, though pre-testing is recommended for the best results.

Design Your Own Glossy Finish Business Cards

Utilize our user-friendly online tool to create your own unique business cards. Whether you're crafting personalized die-cut cards for your business or delving into creative business card designs, our platform allows you to actualize your creative ideas. Add your design elements, text, and imagery to make a distinct statement.

We also provide a selection of customisable die-cut business card templates, expertly created by our skilled designers. Choose a template and tailor it to your needs, ensuring a minimum 3 mm product border for die-cut precision.

Upload your original artwork for a truly unique die-cut design, streamlining your customisation process right before checkout.

Affordable Die-Cut Business Card Printing in Various Pack Sizes

Our high-quality die-cut business card services are offered in a variety of pack sizes, from 50 to 2000, ensuring suitability for all business scales. Choose our specialty business cards in larger volumes for considerable cost savings. Order your custom-shaped die-cut business cards online now and benefit from our exclusive discounts.

For urgent requirements, opt for ‘priority’ shipping at checkout for rapid delivery of your innovative business cards. Select our professional die-cut business card options to ensure each introduction is impactful and memorable.