Display Package for 6m x 3m Trade show booth

Display Package for 6m x 3m Trade show booth


Package Includes

  • 10x8 backdrop display package

    Custom Canopy (20' x 10') - Qty 1

    Graphic with Hardware, Back Wall Graphic Single Sided, Flag Holder, Travel Bag with wheels

  • 10x8 backdrop display package

    Feather Flags (2' x 9.58') - Qty 2

    Single Sided, Stake/Spike Base, Graphic with Hardware


We offer our clients the perfect promotional choice when it comes to trade shows, conferences and other important events where businesses look to stand out and get noticed.

Trade Show Booth

Our Display Package for 6m x3m Trade Show Booth has been designed keeping the very latest exhibiting trends in mind so that our clients are given the unfair advantage when it comes to making a style statement that will be remembered by everybody who attends those events. We are committed to helping our clients succeed in the ever changing world of marketing which is the reason why our Display Package for 6m x3m Trade Show Booth is perfect for all marketing environments.

Custom Canopy

Our canopy or a portable tent is custom made to use at exhibit's and trade shows that are specifically conducted outdoors. Our premium quality Custom Canopy 20' x 10' provides much needed shade for the hosts and the visitors so that they can keep safe from the sun while conveying their marketing message to their clients and other attendees. Our Custom Canopy 20' x 10' is an effective marketing strategy and ensures that your business message has been conveyed in the most effective way possible. We have a number of canopies that can be customized according to your requirements and delivered to you in a short span of time. Our products offer high quality and durable designs that can be yours at highly competitive prices.

Feather Flags

Apart from our premium quality Display Package for 6m x3m Trade Show Booth we also offer our clients top shelf Feather Flags - 2 (2' x 9.58') that are go perfectly with other marketing products used during trade shows and other outdoor marketing events.

The use of flags and banners has been practiced for thousands of years to identify and celebrate events. When it comes to marketing and the ability to convey a message effectively, Feather Flags - 2 (2' x 9.58') are often used to fly in the air and capture the attention of attendees. The flags we provide are perfect for outdoor use, because the vibrant colors that are used make it'sier to read. With a multitude of sizes and shapes on offer, you can be sure to find the right fit for your needs to grab the attention of the attendees of your booth.

Apart from being a highly effective marketing strategy, our flags are also considered to be the more economical option. Not only do you get to have the best feather flags customized according to your needs, you also get a durable product that can be used multiple times. This enables users to display our feather flags and other marketing products at many promotional events without them having to worry about the durability or effectiveness of the product.

The Display Package for 6m x3m Trade Show Booth and other products have been designed to provide ease of use, this is why our products can be assembled in the matter of minutes and set up without any fuss. So, don't waste any more time, if you are preparing for an upcoming event, get our Display Package for 6m x3m Trade Show Booth and other display products today.