Face Shield


Germ protection Against Airborne Viruses with Quality Face Shields

Made out of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate Visor) sheet, face shields aid in preventing individuals from being infected and even spreading the germs around. They are a must for suspected individuals carrying the symptoms of novel Coronavirus, confirmed patients, and even the healthier ones so that none of the mentioned cases can spread or catch the infections in any of the ways.

With super-flexible elasticated closure at the forehead, the face shield is convenient to wear and remove. It is comfortable to wear a face shield all-day long to protect the eyes, face, nose, neck from being touched or infected from air-borne viral or bacterial contagions. Buy them in bulk by complementing the purchase with face masks. Packs of 50, 10, 250, or 500 are available to meet the needs of marketing and branding as well. Offer face shield as a giveaway to your online customers, visitors at the exhibit booth (if exhibitions are permitted in your location), participants of online contests, and through other ways. This initiative would aid in building and strengthening brand reputation and your CSR role towards society.

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