Fitted Table Covers - 4 Sided

Fitted Table Covers - 4 Sided


Perfect for trade shows, promotions, events or simply in the office for ad solution

  • Choose from a full spectrum of colors
  • Made of high quality polyester
  • Available in three standard sizes

The Fitted Table Cover by BannerBuzz is extremely in these days. The company is offering these covers in eight different fabrics and in over 74 colors! The fire retardant cover is available twenty different colors and is suitable for event where one can expect a fire hazard. The liquid repellant cover is available in different colors and is suitable for pool parties and for events where drinks are served. The Poly Premier Fitted Table Cover is available in 74 different colors, the majestic table covers are available in 20 different colors, and the Poly Stripe in available in 33 different colors. One of the best sellers by BannerBuzz is the premium quality Damask, and that is available in 36 different colors and 5 different fabrics. All the products manufactured by the company are made from premium quality products, which is something that you'll not find anywhere else in New Zealand.

If you are confused about what to buy, then it is recommended that you have a through look at all the fabrics, check out the colors, and read the descriptions in order to get a clear idea about the Fitted TableCloths. These covers are suitable for tables and booths at all kinds of events, be it at a formal dinner, convention, meeting or a business convention.

These table covers are designed in such a way that they will easily cover the top as well as all the sides of the table. Other than this, the Fitted Table Covers have rounded corners which don't allow them to droop, and the inverted pleats give a very formal look. Grab this one right away!