Folded Pocket Calendars

Folded Pocket Calendars


A personalised calendar always at your disposal

  • Available in both gloss, and matte finish
  • Can be written on by ballpoint pens or permanent markers.
  • Material is made from sustainable sources.
  • Product border Should be minimum 3 mm.Thin borders can come out lopsided due to the cutting process

Calendars have always given our lives the much needed push for productivity, and folded pocket calendars are a hassle-free substitute. Custom card calendars consistently count as thoughtful gifts and can additionally be used for branding and promotional activities.

Customized folded calendars are an eye-catching product that can be used for both, personal, and commercial purposes. They are ideal gifts or end-of-year souvenirs and could give your company that much needed branding. There are a wide range of choices here catering to audiences who may prefer either modern design or a classical finish.

  • A glossy finish with sheen and vibrant colors, or
  • An old-school, classic matte finish to give it an elegant look.

These pocket calendars make excellent and useful custom gifts at a corporate, or personalised setting, boosting your brand value when you need them the most.