Halloween Feather Flags


Feather Flags

Do you want to advertise your products and business in a hassle-free manner but are strapped for space? Feather flags are just the thing you need to make an impression within a small space and with a stylish flair!

Feather flags are one of the new styles on the block with proven effectiveness in capturing the attention of target audiences. While a big promotional banner is hard to miss, these cute feather flags can be used to direct potential clients to the main site of your business or a promotional stall. These medium sized flaggies are just what you need to capture and retain the attention of a busy crowd!

Say It With Feather Flags!

If you want to send a targeted message or draw the attention of a group towards your services, then feather flags are just the thing!

Be it the promotion of a new service deal, or simply directing people towards your business site offering a discounted sale or season clearance, the feather flags will serve the purpose well. You can experiment and be creative while using these feather flags to attract large crowds and make your business or event the talk of the town!

What We Offer In Feathers!

When it comes to feather flags, we celebrate with our dazzling plumage! We offer you with the chance to procure high quality feather flags which will make your event a success.

Our easy assembly collection helps you fix up these little beauties and make a lasting impression wherever you want!

You can choose between flags which are single or double fold, as per your convenience. Moreover, you can select any kind of side stand; from a stake or spike based to a crossed based one, according to your needs. Our team provides you complete assistance and guidance to help you make the right decision.

With our service, you can be sure of:

  • High quality, tough, and durable product material
  • A large collection of feather flags designs, shapes, and styles to suit your individual needs.
  • Custom design feather flags in the colours of your choice.

We design feather flags according to the artwork provided by you, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Product Specifications

Our feather flags have the following product specifications:
  • They are available in sizes ranging from 7 feet to 15 feet.
  • The flag has a heavy duty steel and aluminium construction.
  • A cross base width of 32".
  • Flags are lightweight and portable.
  • The flag is hemmed from all sides with a pocket built on the stand side.
  • The printing material is of Flag fabric.
  • The construction of the flag includes a chrome steel base, a nylon bag, and aluminium poles.

The feather flags constitute of the following parts:

  • 4 poles
  • 1 Oxford Cord
  • 1 travel bag to ensure flag portability
  • 1 spike or cross based stand

The shipping dimensions of the product are 0.5"x0.5"x4". And the shipping weight of the stand is 7 lbs.

Contact Us

If you need any more details about our custom design feather flags, just contact us at +64 (800) 453-164 and our team of experts will guide you to your complete satisfaction.