Hanging Sneeze Guard - Clear Vinyl

Hanging Sneeze Guard - Clear Vinyl


Make your counters, workstations, and restaurant tables safe from airborne viruses.

  • Constructed of Clear PVC Vinyl 
  • Includes clear panel and complete hardware
  • Placement style- Ceiling Hanging 
  • Easy and quick self-installation 
  • No print included

Clear Vinyl Hanging Sneeze Guard- Excellent Visibility and Safety

Safety equipment has become immensely crucial for every business space and workspace after the COVID-19 outbreak. Among many protective safety supplies, this clear vinyl hanging sneeze guard is one of the most inexpensive yet effective solutions. This accessory can be installed to stop the spread of airborne viruses and infections at billing and checkout counters, tables, workstations, etc. Its transparent vinyl panels allow excellent visibility while cutting down the spread of any infections that can transfer via air particles. This sneeze shield is one of the most in-demand COVID-19 essentials that many business spaces have already adapted to operate safely in the new normal. These are also referred to as drop ceiling guards. If you have been looking for a moderately priced yet effective protective solution to make your store, office, food joint, pharmacy, clinic, hospital, checkout counters safe from aerosol viruses. This is a perfect accessory to invest in!

How to Install Hanging Sneeze Guard?

All you need to do is to suspend the sneeze shield panels made of clear vinyl from the ceiling above your tables, workstations, or counters. This will create physically separated spaces within your premises. The hanging strings needed to hang the panels are a part of this package. The hardware is ready to use and quick to install. Just make sure to leave enough space beneath your clear panel for product/money exchange. The height can be adjusted based on your ceiling and counter table heights. It is recommended to install these shields in multiple numbers if you have multiple counters, tables, or workstations within your location. Ordering multiple units of clear panels + hardware will also make you eligible for bulk discounts. Please refer to the bulk quantity discount chart above for complete details. 

To place your order, select the preferred size from the different dimensions listed above. Enter your preferred quantity. The clear vinyl panels and the complete hardware are added by default to your order. Just add to cart and place your order. It will only take you minutes to order this hanging sneeze guard. Please remember that we do not offer any custom designing for this product. It is a ready-to-ship protective accessory. 

Besides this clear vinyl guard, we are also offering more similar equipment like sneeze shields, pull-up shields, etc. Please choose the most relevant sneeze guard to fit your space size and set-up.