Hanging Sneeze Guard

Hanging Sneeze Guard


Hanging Sneeze Guards For Protection Against Airborne Diseases

  • Built with cast acrylic materials for sturdiness.
  • There are several size options available.
  • The guards have rounded corners for safety during installation.
  • Tear-resistant materials ensure long service life.
  • Comes with two strings and diameter hanging bases for quick installation.

Bring Utmost Safety & Hygiene to the Counters with Hanging Sneeze Guards

Hanging Sneeze Guards let you bring utmost hygiene and protection at the billing counters or help desks at the corporate office, hospitals, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, and other public sites. Considering the present scenario of COVID-19 pandemic across the world, it is highly essential and recommended to install hanging or countertop sneeze guards as per your requirement to attain maximum protection from the infections being spread through various means. COVID-19 infections and other airborne diseases have the utmost tendencies to spread through human contact or touching, sneezing, coughing, and even talking. While talking or coughing there are chances of being infected from the droplets you receive from the opposite person at the counter and thus the risk gets higher to be contaminated from Coronavirus or any other communicable infections. As it is said prevention is better than cure, therefore, we at BannerBuzz, offer you a complete range of sneeze guards in different custom sizes and bulk quantities too so that every requirement of workspace could be met, no matter how many sneeze guards you would like to install at your office, café, and more.

Hanging Sneeze Guards for your workspace

Moreover, these sneeze guards are affordable and even better when you buy them at the bulk quantity discounts. If your workspace or business calls for sneeze guards in bulk, then choose our bulk quantity discount option, wherein you can grab cost-effective prices without affecting your budget. Available with 92cm long strings and a durable hanging base, the hanging sneeze guard turns out to be one of the sturdiest options for providing maximum protection to your staff and customers against the deadly COVID-19 infection. Pick the desired designs from the templates being available on our website. This feature makes it all possible to get the relatable product ready for your workplace and that too within the quickest time. 

Stay assured on quality and longevity aspects as the complete product has been made out of quality-driven and sturdy materials to provide you with long-lasting usage. Contact us now for individual or bulk orders for sneeze guards, COVID-19 signages, banners, and more. Stay Safe!