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Hospitals / Clinics Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

Straight Pillow Case Backdrops Provide Excellent Display

Durable Pandemic Safety Signs are a Smart Investment

In times where information about a pandemic needs to reach people quickly and effectively, attention-grabbing pandemic safety signs are essential for medical institutions. We have a variety of pillow case signs bearing different information on how to curb the spread of airborne pathogens. Graphics, which are optional with the stands, appear on premium polyester that resists stretching for a snug fit. This, along with its wrinkle-free feature, enhances its service life for satisfactory use, making them a smart investment. These displays are also cost-friendly, with some having great discounts on bulk purchases.

Customised Straight Pillowcase Backdrops are Easy to Interpret

Communication matters in times of urgency, such as pandemics. With the help of our pre-printed backdrops, you can increase information conveyance. We customise these pillowcase backdrops with different health information on social distancing, handwashing, and airborne pathogens in simple and eye-catching formats that are easy to understand. You can order the backdrops with or without graphics to suit your aesthetic. For safety awareness signs you can see from various directions, upgrade to double-sided printing. Measure the space the backdrop occupies because they are available in pre-defined sizes ranging from 8 × 8 ft (2.44 m) to 20 x 10 ft (ca. 3 m). This saves time and trouble on unnecessary purchases of ill-fitting items.

Convenient Features of Hospital Safety Signs

Our pandemic signs have aluminium frames that are lightweight and easy to move about. This makes them portable and reduces the stress of moving heavy frames. Each set comes with a frame, corner connectors, and a base panel to facilitate attachment. Complex tools or hired workers aren’t necessary for setup, but you can opt for installation hardware. The fabric is foldable, which simplifies the assembly and removal of these backdrops. The hidden zipper at the bottom creates a seamless look. Last of all, these signs are machine washable at regular temperature with a mild detergent, then dry flat for the best results.

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