Iraq Flag


Country Flags are High-Quality, Portable, and Customisable

If you're serving international cuisine, you need ways to acknowledge the cultural background and sources of the dishes on the menu. When hosting visitors from other nations, you'll seek out welcoming decor to greet guests. Patriotic flags of countries such as Iraq provide decoration for walls, windows, and for outdoor locations. Our embassy flags also create a visual shorthand that represents the nation's historical and present significance. Send a message of support and loyalty by displaying the flag of Iraq where visitors can see.

Dye sublimation printing produces vibrant colours that outline the details of store flags, giving them an authentic look. Iraq flags have stripes of red, white, and black to represent Arab liberation while the white stripe features Kufic script in green. Colours are consistent throughout, with printing on a single side to facilitate displaying the fabric flags in the correct position.

Advertisement flags come in a range of sizes to fit different space and display needs. Choose metal grommets for hanging from the top or on the side when displaying flags on walls or as banners. When placing on a vertical or horizontal pole inside or outdoors, select a side or top pole pocket.

The lightweight fabric making up our country flags makes them easy to fold into a compact size that takes up less space in storage. Transporting the flags between locations or to new spaces is also made more convenient, and helps improve your return on investment with the ability to use the flags in multiple places.

Iraq Flags are Ready to Use and Easy to Clean

Country flags are ready to use and put on display immediately upon delivery. The pre-printed graphic depicts a nation's recognisable and unique flag, with no need for creating a new design. Iraq flags also inherently coordinate with and complement other decorative pieces evocative of that country and culture.

Putting patriotic flags on display outdoors or indoors means exposure to dust and the elements, meaning that the fabric requires periodic cleaning. The fabric is machine-washable if using the proper setting and detergent or hand-washable for a more delicate cleaning process. Keeping flags clean helps to retain a vibrant appearance over time and protects your investment.

Country Flags Available in Bulk at a Discount

When ordering store flags in bulk, you get to take advantage of a discount on quantities of two flags or more. Discounts increase in percentage incrementally up to orders of 500 or larger, helping your business obtain the supply needed and allowing you to stick to your budget.

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