Kenya Flag


Country Flags are High Quality, Customisable, and Portable

Teaching geography or history is easier and also feels more real and tangible for students when teachers use visual aids. Display of flags from countries around the world in academic settings should also be complete and represent nations from all corners of the globe. The National flags of Kenya have important symbols that stand for essential elements of the republic's history, making them valuable teaching tools. These authentic pieces are also suitable for display in restaurants serving authentic Kenyan cuisine.

The embassy flags display bright, vibrant colours produced with a dye sublimation printing process that ensures maximum absorption of the hues into the fabric. This makes multiple flags match in colour and also protects against fading over time, whether your flag display is inside or outdoors. Details such as the Maasai shield and spears are also clear and distinct.

The advertising flags come in a range of sizes to meet display needs in a variety of spots, such as on either side of a stage or on a flagpole. Choose grommets to hang the flags from ropes or pole pockets to put the flags on spike poles or ground stakes where they can blow proudly in the breeze.

Polyester yarn and vinyl make these country flags long-lasting and durable, standing up to environmental conditions and holding together in high winds and other heavy weather. If conditions are extreme, the flags are lightweight and easy to put into storage so you can protect your investment.

Kenya Flags are Ready to Use and Easy to Clean

With only one side pre-printed, these promotional flags have a design that facilitates correct display and makes them conveniently ready to use right out of the box. Installation is also a simple and easy process so you can spend more time showing the flags and less time setting them up.

Keep Kenya national flags clean and looking their best with machine or handwashing using mild detergent. Since the flags are easy to maintain, it's simple to ensure that dirt or other build-up won't obscure the colours.

Country Flags are Easy to Order with a Bulk Order Discount

Ordering patriotic flags in bulk is as easy a process as ordering a single flag, and both offer many convenient delivery options to fit your budget and schedule. Bulk orders also receive a discount percentage based on order quantity for added incentive.

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