Leaf Business Cards

Leaf Business Cards


Make Strong Connections with Our Custom Die-Cut Leaf Business Cards

  • Premium quality printing provides sharp, high-resolution images.
  • A wide range of personalisation options is available.
  • The cards are easy to write on.
  • Get a discount on any order of up to 50 cards.
  • The leaf business card is eco-friendly.

Die-Cut Business Cards - Unleash you'reativity

Die-cut business cards are a hit with businesses selling perfumes, shoes, art supplies, clothes, and more. If you want to set yourself apart from your competitors, a die-cut business card is a good option to show you'reative site. If you have creative flair, you can show it through die-cut business cards.

We have both complex and basic shapes available. You can look through our comprehensive collection of templates to select a shape that'st describes your business. Die-cut business cards also increase the chance of people taking your business card without you having to hand it out. The unique shape will intrigue and they will be compelled to pick it to take a closer look. Of course, they will not put it back in the tray, but will take with them.

Be Unique, Be Different with Die-Cut Business Cards

The entire reason businesses even invest in a die-cut business card is to separate themselves from the competition. Most of your competitors will have a rectangle-shaped business card. If you are giving out several business cards at an event, which one do you think will stick out? - Yours!

When your customer places all of the business cards they have received over the years, which one do you think will look different? - Yours! Which one will they be likely to keep? - Yours! That's why, you need to invest in odd and fun shaped business cards, not boring and dull.