Matte Banners

Matte Banners


Matte Banners with Protective Vinyl Prints for Durable Outdoor Ad Displays

  • Different sizes are available for different budgets and display needs.
  • Customisable to personalise your matte banner setups.
  • Matte vinyl printing eliminates glare for better visibility.
  • The durable PVC flex build is well-suited for outdoor use.
  • Optional accessories allow for easy and convenient installation.

Glare-Free Matte Banners

Perfect Choice to Advertise in Bright Settings

Reading banners often becomes difficult for onlookers during the day because of the sunlight. The glare from the sun, when it hits the banner, puts a lot of strain on the eyes of the onlookers, making it hard for them to read your advertising message. And when it's difficult to read, your message is not delivered with the same impact that it would have had, had they read it in proper lighting.

Though you can't control the glare of the sun, you can get glare-free matte banners from to resolve this issue. Our 13 oz matte vinyl banners are perfect for bright settings. The soft, flat and matte finishing of these banners not only makes them visually attractive but also makes them easy for onlookers to read.

The high quality matte finish makes the banner surface smooth which reduces the glare from the sun and the light generated by camera flashes alike.

Banner Quality and Performance are our Cornerstones

At, we strive for excellence and that is evident through our top quality banners. Our banners are laminated with the highest quality vinyl material and coated with matte finishing which makes them flexible, wear and tear resistant, water proof and UV resistant. The vinyl protects the banner from soaring temperatures and the matte finishing makes them easy to read. Our banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

To make these banners eye catching and impactful, we print them using our state-of-the art printing technology and high quality ink that'sults in excellent image quality and hues. Simply put, our banners are both high in terms of quality and performance. They serve as effective and durable marketing tools.

At, we offer you custom banner design and printing services according to your needs and at affordable prices with a fast turnaround time of 48 hours.

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