Movie Signs

Movie Signs


Top-Quality UV resistant print that stays in intact.

  • Durable movie signs that stay intact for long
  • High quality UV resistant print to keep your message looking flawless
  • Two different material options to choose from

Eye-catching promotional movie signs that get you business!

At, we offer quality movie signs to help you promote your products in theatres and cinemas. From food & drink stalls to the popcorn parlour, you can advertise any message and capture the audience's attention to increase foot traffic at your store....

Whether it is special discount on tickets or a budget food & drink deal, our movie signs will help you get the right kind of attention. Made from quality materials, these signs can stay in place for a long time. What makes these signs unique is that your message is printed with UV resistant ink that doesn't get faded in the outdoors, under the sun.

Custom movie signs that put you in the spotlight!

At, we are offering you complete freedom to design your movie signs that way you desire. From changing the dimensions to the message and print, you can do anything you want to make your promotional message pop.

Our movie signs offer the following:

  • UV resistant print that stays in place, looking great, for long
  • Durable materials that stand strong in place
  • Extensive range of customisation options to help you standout

So, if you need more people to be attracted towards your stall, customise our movie signs and enjoy increased sales!