Custom Parking Signs

Custom Parking Signs


Create parking signage for your business or office

  • Heavy duty durable aluminium sheet for longer life
  • Full Color Digital printing
  • Reflective Your sign is produced using an engineer grade 7mil, 3m vinyl film. When light hits the material it reflects, drawing attention to your sign. Options also available for night time visibility
  • pre-drilled mounting holes for quick, easy attachment
  • This sign is single sided only

If you are from New Zealand, you know that you must adhere to all the parking signs. It is important that you know that the signs that have a red border around them mean that you can't stop there unless it stated otherwise. It is important that you realize the importance of these safety signs for your own and other safety. If you feel that your neighborhood needs parking signs, you should get in touch with BannerBuzz.

BannerBuzz is a renowned brand that is famous all over New Zealand. The company's name is synonymous with quality. In order to deliver the bet, the company's set high quality standards that it meets by only using premium quality raw materials. Since the company deals with custom parking signs, you can get one for your office too. It is seen that a lot of places don't have reserved parking signs for disabled people, make sure that your business or office is not making the same mistake because these signs give mobility to disabled people to access public places like libraries, supermarkets, and hospitals with ease.

If you feel that your local communit's not adhering to the traffic rules, you can council to place a no parking sign in front of high traffic places. Parking Signs make sure the traffic flows smoothly and there are no accidents. So what are you waiting for? Place your order with BannerBuzz right away and make your space more secure and organised.