Custom Parking Signs


Upgrade Your Kiwi Enterprise with Robust Custom Parking Signs

Optimise the parking experience for your customers with our Custom Parking Signs. These signs distinctly allocate parking spaces for your customers, boosting the visibility of your shop or café. Our Customisable Signs are fashioned from premium, 1.2 mm thick aluminium, ensuring both durability and longevity. The rust-resistant property of these signs makes them perfect for outdoor usage, standing strong in diverse Kiwi weather.

Featuring sharp 600 DPI UV Printing, our Custom Parking Signs are known for their exceptional image clarity and legibility. Crafted to grab attention from a distance, these signs are crucial in clearly communicating your no-parking policies to both customers and nearby residents. The user-friendly installation of our Parking Signage eases managing parking zones at your venue. Outfitted with a white vinyl print on an aluminium sheet, these signs are designed for maximum readability and impact. Safety is prioritised with the inclusion of rounded corners, featuring a 1-inch radius to diminish injury risks for passers-by.

Perfect for both local community members and patrons, our Reserved Signs and No-Parking Signs effectively convey parking rules, aiding in deterring unauthorised usage of your space. Each sign comes with a hole diameter of 5 to 7 mm (Approx.) for simple mounting. Opt for our Custom Metal Signs to keep your parking area orderly and noticeable.

High-Resolution Custom Parking Signs: Sturdy & Noticeable

Boasting full-colour UV printing technology, the signs provide excellent resistance to fading, keeping your message vibrant over time. Personalise your order with ease, selecting from a variety of sizes, reflective or non-reflective materials, and multiple mounting options to meet your specific requirements.

Utilising the Pantone Matching System (PMS), colour customisation of your Customisable Parking Signs is straightforward, ensuring they complement your brand's aesthetic. Whether choosing from our design templates or going for a bespoke look, our signs are expertly crafted to relay your parking guidelines accurately. Our Custom Metal Signs are not just practical; they add an aesthetic touch, ensuring tidiness and visibility in your parking zones.

Budget-Friendly Bulk Custom Parking Signs for Kiwi Businesses

Our Custom Parking Signs are tailored to suit your specific needs affordably. Catering to businesses of all sizes and budgets, our flexible order quantities range from just a few to as many as 500 signs. Benefit from increasing discounts as your order size grows, ensuring the best value for your investment.

At BannerBuzz, shop with confidence for Customisable Parking Signs designed to enhance your business's parking management. Our easy-to-use online platform makes selecting the perfect signs for your enterprise straightforward, blending top-notch quality and cost-effectiveness in one solution.