Portable Trade Show Kit


Our portable trade show kit helps to enhance the visibility of your business at important corporate events such as trade shows and exhibit's. The Blank Canopy Tent (10' x 10') and the Pleated Table Cover (2.5' x 8' - 3 sided) along with other marketing equipment are idea for event marketing and promotional use in public spaces. We understand the importance of using the best quality when it comes to marketing your products or services this is why at Banner Buzz, we offer you with the best when it comes to quality and design, which can be yours at an affordable cost.

Single-Screen Roll Up Banner stands 2.5 x 6.5

Our banner stands are the perfect solution for all those who require high quality and appealing equipment for the promotion of their company and important events. You can easily boast of your marketing efforts by utilizing our top quality Deluxe Wide Base Single-Screen Roll Up Banner stands 2.5 x 6.5, which is also available in other sizes as well. The best part about using our banner stands is not only that they are customizable, but they have also been built by using the best materials and state of the art technology which ensures their durability. What's more, all of our premium quality banner stands are a solid investment as they can all be used multiple times at different corporate events where you need to promote your product or services.

Blank Canopy Tent 10' x 10'

The way we construct our custom made Blank Canopy Tent 10' x 10' makes it more durable and able to withstand harsh environments with ease. We ensure that our clients get the best quality they deserve which is why the frame is made up of hard aluminium and polyester which increases its resistance to the elements. If you do opt for our blank canopies then you can rest assured that you'll get the best quality money can buy.

Blank Full Color Table Cover

Our portable trade show kit'so includes the Pleated Table Cover (2.5' x 8' - 3 sided) that provides an extra level of elegance and a sense of panache to your corporate events. The Pleated Table Cover (2.5' x 8' - 3 sided) that we have on offer is the perfect balance between casual and formal styles when it comes to table covers. The wide variety of colours and designs also makes it one of our best sellers for businesses that organize corporate events and want to make a great first impression to clients and business associates. What makes our table covers unique is that they are the best option for both high profile corporate events and personal celebrations or gathering. In short, anywhere you would need to make your brand name stand out. You can also add a touch of personalization to your table covers by including your company's logo and leave a deep impression on the attendees and all those who catch a glimpse of your personalized table covers. Your distinct style and table covers complete with your company logo will definitely be talked about long after the event has finished. If you truly want to stand out during a corporate event then you should contact us today to find out more options on our portable trade show kit.