Pre-Printed Church at Home Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Church at Home Feather Flag

  • The flag graphic is pre-printed with a relevant home church message.
  • The feather flag comes with a choice of single and double-sided printing.
  • Add hardware: includes an aluminum pole with a choice of cross/spike base.
  • Durable, lightweight, weather-resistant flag is ideal for outdoor use.

Church at Home Feather Flag With Pre-Designed Relevant Graphics

Home churches extend a humble idea to meet, pray and praise the Lord in small groups at homes. It is a fantastic way to supplement one's formal church life and allows meeting like-minded religious people, despite shutdowns of community churches due to any unfavorable reasons. Our pre-printed church at home feather flag is designed to help promote home churches conveniently and affordably.

Our pre-designed feather flag with its beautiful design and relevant messaging is sure to attract every churchgoer in the community. The great visual aesthetics of the flag make it very eye-catchy. The eccentric feather shape and the taut design add to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the flag, making it capable of advertising even through gusty winds without folding or flapping.

We offer both single and double-sided printing for our church-at-home feather flags. The single-sided feather flags bleed through to the backside, allowing 50-60% visibility of the mirrored image on the back. If you want a pre-printed flag that is easily readable on both sides, then you must go for double-sided printing. The 2-sided feather flag has a liner sewn in between the two sides of the printed fabric.

BannerBuzz feather flag is fabricated from a high-quality flag fabric that is lightweight yet weather-resistant. It can withstand several external elements, making it a durable outdoor signage option that can be advertised for long under moderate conditions.

The Flexibility to Add Sturdy Flagpole & Flag Base

To fit the budget and requirements of each one of our customers, we offer complete flexibility to order the flag fabric & hardware together or as separate elements. If you wish to order a sturdy flagpole along with the flag graphics, please ensure to turn the ADD POLE option to YES.

Our highly durable flagpole is made out of carbon composite fiberglass. It adds structural stability to the flag fabric and ensures to keep the flag looking taut at all times. The flagpole includes a pole pocket on the left side. To boot, you get a choice of cross base and spike base options to match your installation needs well. For the cross base option, we also offer water bags in case you want to add extra weight for added stability.

Easy-To-Install, Lightweight Church at Home Feather Flags

Our pre-printed church at home feather flag, with its lightweight and easy assembly, takes a few minutes to install indoors or outdoors. Prepare your flagpole for standing by snapping the pole legs. Then, slip the flag fabric into the pole sleeve and hook it. If you are using the spike base, insert the pole spike directly into the soft ground. To attach the cross base, insert the bottom of the flagpole into the base.