Pre-Printed Curbside Pick Up Only Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Curbside Pick Up Only Feather Flag

  • Full-color pre-printed flag graphic with curbside pickup message.
  • Printing choices include single-sided and double-sided printing.
  • A durable & lightweight flag is available in a choice of size dimensions.
  • Add hardware: includes aluminum flag pole and cross/spike base options.

Durable, Full-Color Feather Flag With Pre-Printed Curbside Pickup Only Message

Curbside pickups and drive-thru services have been a part of many businesses for years. However, it has gained more credibility post the pandemic. If you are keeping your business operational via curbside pickup or drive-thru services to practice contactless delivery, it's crucial to get the word out. You need to promote it to keep your current customers informed and attract potential customers at the same time. Our pre-printed curbside pick up only feather flag can help you achieve that quickly and easily.

Our feather flag is digitally printed for long-lasting outdoor use, ensuring the graphic print won’t fade or be affected by external elements. The full-color printing of our feather curbside pick-up-only flag is sure to catch the attention of the passersby. It is designed with a clear and communicative curbside pickup message to quickly and effectively promote your services.

BannerBuzz feather flag is made out of premium quality flag fabric. This lightweight yet weather-resistant fabric can withstand external elements, making our pre-printed curbside pick up only feather flag a durable outdoor signage option. Adding on to the quality, the eccentric feather shape and the taut design that does not fold or flap around add to the aesthetic appeal of this flag.

We offer both single and double-sided printing for curbside pickup feather flags. The single-sided feather flags bleed through to the backside, allowing 50-60% visibility of the mirrored image on the back. If you want a pre-printed flag that is easily readable on both sides, then you must go for double-sided printing. The 2-sided feather flag has a liner sewn in between the two sides of the printed fabric.

Aluminum Flagpole & A Quick Choice of Flag Bases

You can order the feather flag pre-printed graphic with or without the hardware. We offer you this flexibility to order only what you need to help you stay within your budget and suit your unique advertising needs. If you wish to order our sturdy aluminum flagpole along with the graphic, please ensure to turn the ADD POLE option to YES.

Our highly durable flagpole is made out of carbon composite fiberglass. It adds structural stability to the flag fabric, ensuring it stays taut at all times. The flagpole includes a pole pocket on the left side. Additionally, you get a choice of cross base and spike base options to fit your installation needs. For the cross base option, we also offer water bags in case you want to add extra weight for added stability.

Ensure Right Placement For High Visibility

Regardless of how quality-driven any signage is, it would not get the right amount of attention if not placed at an ideal location. Depending upon your business operations, you must select the best possible display location to install your pre-printed curbside feather flag. A shoutout from the rooftop or installing it right in front of your entryway or parking lot are some of the ideal spots that usually make advertising flags highly visible.