Pre-Printed For Lease Feather Flag

Pre-Printed For Lease Feather Flag

  • Ready-to-use flag has a FOR LEASE message pre-printed on it.
  • Printing choices include single-sided and double-sided printing.
  • A durable & lightweight flag is available in a choice of size dimensions.
  • Add hardware: includes aluminum flag pole and cross/spike base options.

In-Stock and Ready-to-Use Pre-Printed For Lease Feather Flag

Bringing the attention of the new lessees towards a property that is available for lease is of prime importance. If you own a property like an office space or warehouse and want to get increased attention from prospective tenants, we have a perfectly budgeted solution to advertise it. Our pre-printed for lease feather flag is an inexpensive, durable, and quick outdoor advertising solution that is sure to bring increased attention to your business, resulting in a valuable investment for your business.

Feather flags grab attention from afar because of their eccentric shape. This characteristic, complemented with our full-color printing and relevant message adds to the aesthetic appearance of the flag. Plus, our high-quality digital printing ensures long-lasting colors and print. Installing this flag will enable you to attract more potential tenants without investing a substantial amount of money or time in it.

Our pre-printed for lease feather flag is made out of premium quality flag fabric. This lightweight yet weather-resistant fabric withstands outdoor elements, making it a durable signage choice for advertising your lease property. Plus, being lightweight, it can be effortlessly installed, removed, and transported whenever needed.

To start, the single-sided and double-sided printing of our pre-printed feather flag allows you to meet your unique printing preferences. One-sided printed flags bleed through to the backside, allowing 50-60% visibility of the mirrored image on the back. The double-sided printing features the same graphic printed on both sides, with a flag liner sewn between the two sides of the fabric.

Pair-Up Your Durable Flag With The Sturdy Hardware

We offer you complete flexibility to order our pre-printed for lease feather flag with or without the sturdy hardware. To pair-up, your feather flag fabric with the flagpole and flag base, turn the ADD POLE option to YES.

The flagpole is constructed out of durable carbon composite fiberglass. The solid pole adds structural stability to the flag, ensuring it stays taut and holds the shape well. The flagpole comes with a pre-designed pole pocket on the left side. Additionally, you get a choice of cross base and spike base options to fit your installation needs. For the cross base option, we also offer water bags in case you want to add extra weight for added stability.

Shop More at Less With BannerBuzz Bulk Quantity Discounts

Our bulk quantity discount feature is applicable on the lease feather flag. The more flags you order at once, the more you will end up saving on your total order value. Our bulk discount and price ratios are listed above in a table for your reference. Please refer to the table to check out all the quantity-price details. Plus, we also offer free super saver shipping over $99 on all orders at BannerBuzz, adding up to your savings.