Pre-Printed Maintain Safe Distance Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Maintain Safe Distance Feather Flag

  • The flag graphic is pre-printed using a relevant message & vibrant colors.
  • The feather flag comes with a choice of single and double-sided printing.
  • Add hardware: includes an aluminum pole with a choice of cross/spike base.
  • The durable, lightweight, weather-resistant flag is ideal for outdoor use.

Maintain Safe Distance Feather Flag - Pre-printed, Ready-To Install Safety Tool

Maintaining safe distance signs is the need of the hour across the globe as we continue to fight the pandemic. Perhaps, as a reopening business, you might have tons of things to do at hand and not have time to design safety signs on your own. It is where we come in with our ready-to-install safety signs like this pre-printed maintain safe distance feather flag. Our pre-designed & printed flag is a quick, effective, and budgeted safety solution that can help prompt your visitors, employees, and customers to practice safe distancing.

With a clear social distancing message, our feather flag will remind everyone to maintain a 6 feet distance from the others. It will help you spread a positive message and ensure you are doing your bit to limit the spread of the virus within your community. Our pre-printed feather flag is pre-designed using eye-catchy colors and a vibrant display. Plus, the quirky shape of the flag makes it all the more noteworthy.

BannerBuzz is here to help you flatten the curve through clearly communicating safety signs and banners. Our maintain-a-safe-distance feather flag is one of the tools that can help you do this effectively. Made out of durable and weather-resistant flag fabric, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It can withstand a range of mild to moderate temperatures and external elements.

The single-sided and double-sided printing option allows you to suit your printing preferences. One-sided feather flag comes with 50-60% visibility of the mirrored image on the backside. The two-sided feather flag has a liner sewn between the two sides and includes print on both the front and back of the flag.

Add Hardware: Sturdy Flagpole & Flag Base of Your Choice

Suit your advertising needs and budget and order our pre-printed maintain safe distance feather flag with or without the hardware. If you do not have the right hardware to install the flag, we recommend ordering both the graphic and the hardware together. To add the sturdy flagpole, please turn the ADD POLE option to YES above.

Our flag hardware includes a carbon composite fiberglass flagpole, which is highly durable, rust-resistant, and structurally solid. It is designed to support our feather flag graphic perfectly. It comes with a pole pocket on the left for quick and easy installation. Plus, you get a choice of cross base and spike base options. You can also order water bags to add extra weight to the cross base for added stability.

Quick & Easy Way To Install Feather Flag

Our light in weight pre-printed feather flag is easy to install. You do not require any additional tools or professional assistance to set up the flag. Simply take the flagpole and slip the flag fabric into the pole sleeve, and hook the fabric loop at the bottom to create a taut flag design. To add the spike base, insert the pole spike directly into the soft ground like a lawn area. Please ensure that the pole is inserted deep into the ground to secure it properly. To add the cross base, insert the bottom of the flagpole into the base and place it anywhere on the hard ground. You will receive the complete set-up details with your order.