Pre-Printed Parking for Takeaway Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Parking for Takeaway Feather Flag

  • Pre-printed message - ‘Parking for Takeaway Customers Only’ featured on the flag.
  • Two print options: single and double sided
  • Heavy duty fabric and hardware to withstand any weather.
  • High-definition print quality with reverse image that can be read from any angle.
  • Aluminium flagpole with cross/spike base for a reusable installation.

Attention Grabbing Pre-Printed Parking for Takeaway Feather Flag

Directing the right parking to your takeaway customers is of utmost importance. However, it gets difficult to manually manage in case of a huge footfall coming your way. A high definition flag is a perfect solution to get relief from this chaos. To draw attention of the takeaway customers, we have made an affordable high-definition sturdy flag. Our pre-printed parking for takeaway feather flags are long-lasting, weather resilient, easy to assemble, and attention-grabber.

Our flags are knitted with 90 gsm fabric and are ultra-light in weight, which means easy installation with less human effort. Plus, they are highly portable and can be quickly assembled and removed when needed.

The peculiar shape of our flag can easily be noticed from afar. This feature, along with our high-definition printing, adds to the esthetic appeal to the flag. Furthermore, our high-quality sublimation printing ensures that colours and prints persist for a long time.

We understand your distinct printing choices and therefore, try to customize your ‘parking for takeaway feather flag’ with two printing options. With our single-sided and double-sided printing, you can ensure to meet your specific printing needs. These double-sided printed flags have a liner sewn in between the two sides that allows you to convey either the same or a different message/image on both sides.

Weather Resilient Flag Fabric with Powerful Hardware

Our weather-resilient flag is sturdy enough to withstand any outdoor conditions. This heavy-duty flag is made up of premium quality fabric, making it durable and a perfect marque for long-duration indicators or advertisements.

The flagpole is made of long-lasting carbon composite fiberglass. The flag's structural strength is enhanced by the strong pole, which keeps it sturdy and in good form. On the left side of the flagpole is a pre-designed black pole pocket that gives more of a solid tensioned appearance. You also have the option of a cross base or a spike base, depending on your installation requirements. Additionally, you can integrate the water base along with the cross base, if you are looking for a more heavy base option.

High-Definition Print With Maximum Visibility From Reverse Side

Our single-sided printed flag will benefit you even from its reverse side. The high-definition ensures excellent visibility up to 50-60%, making the message see-through from the back as well. This characteristic makes this flag ageless, even after several washings.