Pre-Printed Quarantine Area Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Quarantine Area Feather Flag

  • Pre-printed message ‘Quarantine Area’ featured on the flag.
  • Two print options available: single-sided and double-sided
  • Sturdy fabric and hardware to sustain any weather condition.
  • High-definition print quality with 50-60% visibility from the reverse side as well.
  • Aluminium flagpole with cross/spike base for a robust installation.

Pre-Printed Quarantine Area Feather Flag with Top-Notch Quality

We are all aware of how the pandemic has impacted our lifestyles. We still haven’t recovered entirely and therefore, it is crucial that we warn the people about the quarantined areas to ensure that they do not get infected by COVID.. For strong signage, you would require an attention-grabbing flag that has high visibility from afar. Our affordable flags are made with top-quality fabric and high-definition print that ensures maximum visibility.

The shape of our flag is attractive that ensures the quarantine message is conveyed even from afar. This way, we can maintain the safety of passersby. The high-quality digital printing ensures that colours and prints do not fade even after washing several times. These feather flags can be tailored to match your budget and specific requirements.

Our pre-printed quarantine area feather flag is sturdy and curated with high-quality 90 gsm fabric. The super-lightweight of the flag ensures easy installation, removal or transportation with less human effort.

To comply with your unique perspective, we also offer the customization option. You can choose to print your message either on single-side, double-side or both sides. This way, you can communicate your relevant message without any hassle. A liner is sewed in between the two sides of these double-sided printed flags, allowing you to express the same or different message/image on both sides.

Heavy-Duty Flag Fabric with Robust Hardware

Unlike ordinary flags, our quarantine area feather flag can withstand any weather conditions and is ideal for displaying long-term signage.

The flagpole is composed of durable carbon composite fiberglass, which adds to the flag's structural strength, keeping it stable and in good shape. A pre-designed black pole pocket on the left side of the flagpole gives it a more substantial tensioned appearance. Depending on your installation needs, you can choose between a cross base and a spike base. If you want a stronger base, you can combine the water base with the cross base.

High-Resolution Printing With 50-60% Visibility From Reverse Side

Grab advantage of our high-resolution printing. We ensure that the printed message is visible from the reverse side as well; message visibility is up to 50-60% from the reverse side in case of single-side printing. Besides, this feature makes the flag fabric highly durable and attractive for a very long-time.