Pre-Printed Take Out Parking Only Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Take Out Parking Only Feather Flag

  • Made from 90 GSM high-quality flag fabric.
  • Carbon composite fiber glass hardware for added outdoor durability.
  • Pre-printed messaging available in single sided or double sided prints.
  • Can be ordered with or w/o graphics.
  • Comes with two base option: Cross base and spike base

Versatile & Lightweight Pre-printed Take Out Parking Only Feather Flag

Our Pre-printed Take Out Parking Only Feather Flag makes it easy & safe for patrons to park vehicles at designated spaces to get takeouts from a restaurant. When attached to a flagpole and hoisted on heavy traffic areas, they can be seen from afar and inform patrons where to park. With strong build quality and lightweight design, our feather flag is the key to setting up a parking space for quick and easy takeouts.

Made from 90 GSM quality flag fabric, our durable feather flags can be used in most weather conditions. Not only are they fade & abrasion resistant, they last longer and are easier to maintain; the fabric is suitable for high-wind conditions. Colors strongly blend with fabric to create a lasting visual impact, and thus better suited for areas with heavy rain.

Flagpoles, made of carbon composite fiberglass, are strong, rust-free and perfectly fit in any setting. The material used is versatile, flexible, and has high strength-to-weight ratios. The pole thickness varies between 4 mm & 23 mm and has a side pocket to hold the flag tightly.

Whether you want to install the flags indoors or outdoors, we have a variety of options to suit your intended use. Cross base is ideal for indoor use, due to its lightweight structure. It has 4 legs that allow it to stand firmly on hard surfaces. Spike base is for outdoor use as it goes into the ground, both grass or gravel. This base is very heavy-duty and suitable for large flags.

Printing Options For Greater Visibility

You can get messages pre-printed on either one or both the sides of the flag. In single-side printing, we print on one piece of fabric that allows the ink to bleed through and show on the reverse side with less vibrant colors. In dual-sided printing, we print two separate pieces of blockout fabric with the same or different images that are sewn together. A liner is sewn in between the fabrics to hide bleeding of colors.

We currently offer 4 different sizes for your feather flags. The size dimension ranges between 7.58 ft and 15 ft. These heights represent the flag when it is attached to the flagpole. When using different bases, the height of the flag will vary. Whether you want to hoist the flag indoors or outdoors, we have suitable solutions for a range of applications.

Special pricing on bulk orders is available

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