Pre-Printed Temporary Closed Order Online Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Temporary Closed Order Online Feather Flag

  • Made of 90 GSM high-quality flag fabric
  • Carbon composite fiber glass hardware for added outdoor durability
  • Pre-printed messaging available in 1-sided or 2 sided prints
  • Can be ordered with or w/o graphics
  • Available in cross base/spike base and is finished with pole pocket at left side

Boost Your Sales During Lockdown With Temporary Closed Feather Flags

Employers have a duty to reduce workplace risks of COVID infection while keeping the business running. Whether the workplace is closed due to pandemic, or any other reason, putting up a flag announcing temporary closure stops people from unnecessarily walking up to the closed doors. Our pre-printed temporary closed order online feather flag is an easy & effective way to alert incoming people that your business is closed for the time being. Made with quality fabric and double-sided graphics, our feather flags will have the biggest possible impact when hoisted in heavy traffic areas.

Made of 90 GSM ultralight yet durable fabric, our feather flag is best suited for outdoor use as they are designed to last for years regardless of weather conditions. Our premium quality fabric is fade & abrasion resistant and also easier to dye or print to better communicate your message to the masses. Colors bond better with fabric to allow longer print life. Being of light weight, the fabric dries faster, making it ideal for areas prone to heavy rainfall.

The sturdy flag poles are made of carbon composite fiberglass that is immune to the harmful effects of outdoor elements. The pole thickness varies between 4 mm & 23 mm and has a side pocket to allow hassle-free hoisting.

Two types of flagpole stands are available depending on the surface -- hard or soft -- where they are installed. They are lightweight and are easily assembled to make one large pole unit. Cross base is ideal for hard surfaces where ground penetration is difficult; spike base is easy to install where the ground is soft.

Single-side And Double-side Message Options

Pre-printed messaging is available either on single -side or both sides. In single reverse printing, design is done on one side of the flag but shows through the other side as a reverse image. For double-sided messages , two flags are sewn back to back to make it double thick. These flags have a liner sewn in between the two sides to stop colors from bleeding through.

Various sizes are available from 5.5 ft to 15 ft. making it easier for you to select the right flag for your intended use. Whether you want to hoist the flag on top of a building complex, or outside a shop, we will provide you with the suitable size..

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