Premium White Table Covers & Throws

Premium White Table Covers & Throws


Beautify your room with elegant white table throws!

  • Available in three different sizes
  • Made of high quality polyester fabric
  • 3 sided and 4 sided options available

Premium white table throws never go out of fashion, and can help you in adding style to your home or office. You can see the popularity of these covers all around you because they are used by restaurants, for seminars, and all other formal events and occasions. If you are looking for a reliable brand, you can opt for BannerBuzz.

BannerBuzz is famous all over the world for their high quality products. In order to deliver the best, the company practices quality control, and only uses premium quality materials. Their premium white table covers are flame resistant, which is perfect for daily use at homes and offices. These covers are easy to use as you just have to throw them on the table in order to make your booth stand out in corporate events. The best part is that you can wash these premium white table throws in a machine and they will be spotless again, and will last you for several years.

It is important you know that BannerBuzz also deals with covers with Velcro attachments that can be used on tables of any shape and size. The premium white table covers are wrinkle free and in case you do get one, you can get rid of it with a cool iron. Now is your chance to give your brand the recognition it deserves. Place your order for your white table covers right away because you will surely fall in love with the quality of the fabric.