Reflective PVC Foam Board Signs


Enhance Your Brand with High-Quality, Weatherproof Reflective PVC Foam Board Signage

Boost your brand's visibility with our top-notch Custom Printed PVC Foam Board Signs, perfect for making a significant impact in both indoor and outdoor settings. Constructed from premium PVC foam board and Reflective Film, these signs are not only light in weight but also exceptionally durable, engineered to stand up against various environmental elements.

Our signs feature bright, high-resolution, 600 DPI UV printing on Reflective Film, ensuring every graphic is not only striking but also crystal clear. The non-glare matte finish adds a professional flair, making these signs ideal for photography and visually striking in all types of lighting.

Ideal for promoting special retail offers, announcing exciting sales, or highlighting your unique services, our versatile and weather-resistant PVC foam board signs are customisable to achieve your marketing goals. Key attributes include precise details and outstanding readability, ensuring your message is both seen and remembered.

Predominantly in classic white, these signs enhance any design or message you wish to display. Our advanced direct printing method on the substrate results in an excellent finish, ensuring your message is effectively communicated. The use of Reflective Film on PVC foam sheet boosts the visibility and impact of the signage.

Create Engaging Displays with Easy-to-Install, Customisable PVC Foam Signs

Our Custom Printed PVC Foam Board Signs provide unparalleled versatility and personalisation options, vital for enhancing your brand's image. Choose from our extensive design collection or use our user-friendly design tool to craft a sign that embodies your brand's identity easily and efficiently. Select the perfect size for maximum visibility and effect in any area within your premises.

Harmonised with your brand's specific colour scheme, our Pantone colour match (PMS) ensures each sign complements your corporate colours, promoting a unified and professional look. These signs are not only visually appealing but also easy to manage, facilitating simple installation and relocation, thus supporting dynamic marketing approaches.

For added convenience, our lightweight PVC foam signs are available with pre-drilled holes, streamlining the installation process. This feature saves time, whether using our standoff hardware or other mounting techniques.

Benefit from Cost Savings with Bulk Orders of PVC Foam Board Signs

Capitalise on our competitive pricing for custom foam board signage. By increasing the quantity of your Custom Printed PVC Foam Board Signs order, you can enjoy substantial savings per unit. This bulk discount is especially advantageous for businesses requiring multiple high-quality PVC foam board advertising displays, whether for a single location or several. Our versatile PVC sign boards offer an economical yet effective solution for all your signage needs, without compromising quality or impact.