SEG Fabric Frames


Create a Striking Impact at All Events with Ultralight SEG Frames

Lift your marketing tactics with ease using Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) on Bespoke Frames. BannerBuzz is excited to introduce its state-of-the-art SEG Fabric Frames, the premier choice for dynamic advertising displays. Perfectly suited for swift transitions at assorted events, our SEG Display Systems bring unmatched convenience and visual allure.

Our Ultralight SEG Frames are expertly designed for no-fuss transport and rapid Wall-Mounted installations, ensuring your brand is a standout at Trade Fairs, Retail Outlets, Networking Conferences, and beyond. Revel in the simplicity of setup and graphic changes with our approachable Tension Fabric Displays. With a keen eye for detail, our SEG Frames are joined to a sturdy anodized metal frame in elegant black and silver finishes.

BannerBuzz is dedicated to top-tier quality, employing only premium materials for our Bespoke SEG Frames. These frames are constructed from strong 230 GSM polyester fabric and robust 6063-grade aluminium alloy, crafted to withstand external conditions and assure extended durability. The vibrancy of our Backlit SEG Fabric stays bright over time, a testament to our advanced 1440 DPI sublimation printing technique, ensuring impactful visibility and persistent impressions.

Effortless Flair & Customisation Await with Our Adaptable SEG Fabric Frames

Shape your display to your exact needs with our online design tools and ready-to-use templates, ideal for every distinctive branding demand. Our SEG Fabric Frames include a tailor-made graphic, edged with a thin silicone strip. This silicone beading guarantees a tight fit in the metal frame.

Available in four versatile sizes, our SEG Frames are engineered for distinct visibility and impact from any distance. The blend of precise customisation and straightforward functionality makes these frames a superb pick for efficient business promotion. Each fabric frame kit comes with key assembly tools like corner connectors, an allen key, and sleek silver extrusions, ensuring easy assembly. Our SEG Frames are low-maintenance, keeping your message lively and compelling for every occasion.

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Order a pair or more of SEG Fabric Frames and access our special bulk quantity discount. This offer is ideal for those seeking top-quality frames at a wallet-friendly price. We've compiled an easy-to-understand discount table to guide you through our various saving levels. This table illustrates the discounts achievable when you purchase Fabric Frames in bulk. Perfect for companies, event organizers, or anyone in need of several frames, our bulk discount ensures you receive the best value. Review the table now and secure your SEG Fabric Frames at a notable bulk rate.