Silverstep 24'' Retractable Banner Stand


Buy Silverstep 24'' Retractable Banner Stand and Elevate Your Marketing Game

Silverstep 24'' Retractable Banner Stand combines versatility and efficiency by two folds, so you could work your best with your unique brand of business. With our cost-effective and customizable banner stand, your future endeavors are made easy. You also get a complementary travel bag that will help you carry the stand wherever you go.

Aluminum Anodized Base for Enhanced Protection: This spacious retractable banner stand is equipped with an aluminum base. Aluminum is known for its resilience against weather and abrasion, ensuring the banner's extended lifespan.

Includes a Travel Bag: This retractable banner stand is accompanied by a handy Silverstep travel bag with dimensions. The additional travel bag is included for storage and ease of transport, particularly beneficial for those frequently on business trips.

Predefined Sizes: Available in two predefined sizes having the same width, our banner stands come with a template size of 24"W x (85" to 92") H.

UV Printing: With our full-color UV printing technique with 240 GSM paper, you get high-quality prints with sharp and fuller colors. They deliver the best quality images on the PP material for a more professional appearance.

Easy Assembly and Portability: Inside the product box, you'll find step-by-step assembly instructions that assist you in swiftly assembling all the components. These banner stands are not only lightweight but also trouble-free to transport and set up.

Portable Retractable Banner Stand for Marketing Strategy

Customize Your Banner Stand: With these banner stands, you have the convenience of effortlessly uploading your own images or graphics for direct printing onto the banner stand. For those in search of a truly unique banner stand design, we offer the option to engage a professional designer for an extra fee.

Easy to Use and Durable: The banner has the rolling-up and collapse mechanism for setting up. So, just pull up the banner to set it up, and there you go! All set up. The stand is resilient to various weather conditions which ensures easy movement and consistent color shade.

Large Retractable Banner provide Cost-Effectiveness with Bulk Orders

Exclusive Discounts: There are special discounts for customers who buy two or more banner stands in bulk. Make sure to consult our comprehensive overview table to explore the exclusive discounts available for your order and take full advantage.

So, shop for Silverstep 24'' Retractable Banner Stand today!