Silverstep Tabletop 24'' Retractable Banner Stand

Silverstep Tabletop 24'' Retractable Banner Stand


Invest in Compact Silverstep Tabletop 24'' Retractable Banner Stand

  • Sturdy aluminium anodized coating for durability.
  • High-quality PP (Polypropylene) material for a professional appearance.
  • Customization available to project a unique brand identity.
  • 280-micron thickness with 600 DPI full-colour printing.
  • Reusable and versatile for various events.

Buy Silverstep Tabletop 24'' Retractable Banner Stand and Project Your Marketing Vision

The Silverstep Tabletop 24'' Retractable Banner Stand, ingeniously designed for ease of use, allows you to effortlessly promote your cause or business. It is both portable and collapsible. Quick and hassle-free installation, it also comes with a travel bag and customization options. Each order includes a banner stand for comprehensive value on your investment in your marketing future.

Sturdy Aluminium Anodized Base: This banner stand comes with an aluminium base. Aluminium is a weather and abrasion-resistant material, ensuring the banner's longevity and giving you the best banner life possible.

Comes in Predefined Sizes: Having a width of 24", its height is adjustable from 45" to 54" or from 63" to 76". You can choose based on the requirements of your business.

Customize Your Banner: With these banner stands you get the option of uploading your own images or graphics for direct printing onto your banner stand if you’d like. For those seeking a more distinctive banner stand design, we offer the option to enlist the services of a professional designer for a nominal fee.

Adaptable to All Your Needs: This banner is suitable for a multitude of settings. Whether you're making your presence felt at trade shows, conferences, seminars, or organizing events, these stands offer a polished and influential means to present your brand, products, or services.

UV Printing: UV printing represents the latest alternative to conventional printing techniques. This way we provide you premium quality pictures on 240 GSM paper, for a fuller and more professional appearance.

Easy to Put Together and Use: The banner has the rolling-up and collapse mechanism for setting up. So, just pull up the banner to set it up, and voila! These banner stands are not only hassle-free to set up but also easy to transport.

Portable Retractable Banner Stand for Convenient Strategy

Comes with a Travel Bag: The banner stand comes complete with a convenient Silverstep travel bag. The added travel bag provides extra storage and convenient assistance on business trips.

Effortless Care: To ensure your banner remains clean, simply wipe it gently with a soft, damp cloth, avoiding the use of any cleaning solutions.

Cost-Effective Retractable Banner with Bulk Orders

Avail Bulk Discounts: We provide special bulk discounts for customers who purchase two or more banner stands. You can refer to a more detailed overview table to discover the exclusive discounts applicable to your order.

So, shop for Silverstep Tabletop 24'' Retractable Banner Stand today!