Soap Labels


Boost Your Brand with Eco-Friendly and Customisable Organic Soap Labels

Enhance your brand's presence in the New Zealand market with our customisable organic soap label design, meticulously tailored to grab your customers' attention seamlessly. We put a strong emphasis on the importance of product presentation and excel in personalised soap labels for small businesses, making sure each label leaves a lasting first impression. These labels are more than just a functional item; they represent your brand's dedication to quality, reliability, and commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our eco-friendly soap label materials are perfect for a diverse range of products, including cosmetics, health products, and toiletries, offering a superb branding opportunity that aligns with New Zealand's sustainability values. Each label is designed for straightforward customisation, perfect for artisans in need of handmade soap label ideas and templates or beginners interested in DIY soap label design.

Varied Sizes and Finishes to Meet All Needs

Our range includes a comprehensive selection of sizes to cater to various requirements. Whether you're in need of small, subtle labels or larger, more noticeable ones, our assortment is equipped to fulfil your needs. Our custom soap labels are available in both gloss and matte finishes, suitable for bulk soap label printing services as well as individual artisan projects. The matte option delivers an elegant, non-reflective appearance, while the gloss finish gives a vibrant, eye-catching sheen.

Constructed from premium 70 lb. crack and peel paper stickers, our labels are fit for both professional and domestic use. This durable material guarantees strong adhesion and enduring quality, adhering to the principles of biodegradable and sustainable soap labels.

Lasting Impact with Vibrant, Personalised Labels

Forge unforgettable customer experiences with our personalised soap labels, ideal for any design, text, or image in bright, high-quality colour. These Soap labels are crafted not just for visual appeal but also for durability, thereby enhancing the perceived value of your products.

Available in pack sizes from 25 to 5000, our soap stickers are perfect for any scale, from small artisanal batches to larger commercial orders. Place your order for soap labels now and choose 'Priority' shipping at checkout for the fastest delivery across New Zealand.