Stay Healthy Wash Hands Window Clings

Stay Healthy Wash Hands Window Clings


Encourage Hand Washing with Stay Healthy Wash Your Hands Window Clings

  • Opaque nonadhesive PVC is tough and durable for high-traffic area display.
  • Full colour UV printing produces bright and noticeable colours and text.
  • A variety of sizes lets you choose the best fit for your windows.
  • Clings include a squeegee for quick and easy installation.
  • Environment-friendly printing methods use a low-emission production process.

Opaque Window Clings are Durable, High Quality, and Customisable

Getting employees, visitors, and customers to practice good hygiene is a priority for your organisation. In certain settings, more straightforward and stern instructions are at odds with an otherwise relaxed atmosphere. These Wash Your Hands signs have a whimsical design that delivers the same important message, but with a fun and lighthearted tone. Put the health protocols signage on display in your business, school, or other places where children are present.

The durable PVC material makes the opaque window clings withstand multiple removals and repositioning as needed to get the most out of each poster. The clings stand up to heavy traffic and energetic activity in your childcare areas in your fitness centre, pre-school, or daycare. Strong, nonadhesive attachment keeps them securely in place against the windows.

Full colour UV printing optimises the brightness and vibrancy of colours by reflecting more light, making the printed window clings noticeable to kids and adults. Text and images in 600 DPI are clear and sharply defined for quick and easy reading. This makes your communication effective and makes an impression across age groups.

Whether your windows are large or small, our Wash Your Hands signs are available in many sizes; always big enough for everyone in the room to see. Besides, you also have the option to devise a custom size with your own preferred measurements. Add special, personalised messaging unique to your facility with the special instructions text box.

Wash Your Hands Window Clings are Easy to Install and Eco-Friendly

Nonadhesive window clings come with a squeegee tool to make installation a fast process that takes minimal time and effort. It presses the decals against the glass, applying consistent pressure that removes air pockets and ensures a secure seal. Even putting up multiple signs takes little time so you can get back to managing other duties sooner.

A specially developed printing mechanism applies colours to the PVC without releasing solvents into the air. This makes these opaque window clings that help prevent the spread of illness, an environmentally responsible choice. Lower emissions means a healthier world for everyone.

Window Clings are Ready to Use

A fun and colourful graphic already printed on these nonadhesive window clings makes them ready to display right out of the box. There's no need for additional design or modification, and the posters fit into a variety of settings without any changes. Being pre-designed and printed also gets the posters shipped out faster so they reach you sooner.

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