Stretch Table Covers - Zipper Back

Stretch Table Covers - Zipper Back


Custom table covers are a simple and effective way to display your logo,important information or message,

  • Best tightness brought by its 180 GSM stretch fabric
  • Zipper back also available for closure
  • High quality custom printing

Stretch Table Covers & Throws - Stretches to Perfection

The stretch table cover by BannerBuzz is the next big thing. Now you can easily transform your old and boring looking tables into aesthetically pleasing, and wrinkle free furniture in no time. The stretch table covers can be used for indoor as well as outdoor events, as they are great for conventions, business meetings, events, and fairs. The best part about these covers is that they are wrinkle free and easy to use, which means that anyone can easily put them to use within a few minutes.

A Flawless and Functional Stretch Table Cover

The Stretch Fitted Table Covers by BannerBuzz are known for their quality. The company's set high quality standards, which is why they only use premium quality raw materials and frequently run quality checks on their products. This is the reason why their products are so durable and reliable, and why their customers keep returning for more.

Stretch Table Covers wit the Best Cost and Quality Benefit

The materials used to make the Stretch Table Cover are also of note. The covers are made from Nylon or Spandex and are available in 20 different colors. In order to ensure that your tables get the perfect fit, the cover has reinforced Poly Propylene rubber sleeves, which are placed under the legs of the table. Since the material is sturdy, there is no wear and tear. The cover is extremely light weight and you can easily wash it with cold water. There is no need to tumble dry as the cover does not need any ironing. So what are you waiting for? Place your order right away!