Suction Cup Flags - Blade

Suction Cup Flags - Blade


An effective promotional tool - results guaranteed!

  • The suction cup could apply to smooth and flat surface like glass or glazed tile without much dust.
  • Set up is easy and can be done within minutes
  • Flagpoles are smooth in texture but of solid quality

Because promoting couldn't be more affordable!

  • BannerBuzz New Zealand offers suction flags in a variety of styles. Plus, customised suction flags in designs and colours of your choice, and within your budget as well!
  • Affix them to the walls or doors. Display them at your office or at an exhibit. Our suction cup flags stand out and are easily noticeable.
  • They ensure that your message gets read wherever and whenever you want!

Printing, hardware and specs

  • BannerBuzz New Zealand offers both single sided and double-sided printed suction flags. The single sided flag is made from 100g knitted polyester, and the double-sided flag features 100D polyester.
  • Both fabrics are of high qualit'so the colours appear nicely on them, giving the suction cup flag an attractive look.
  • The materials offer durability, prevention against wear and tear and a resistance to colour fading.
  • We offer hardware as pole and suction cup. The pole is carbon composite fiber and the suction cup is plastic.
  • We offer our flags in three attractive and distinguishable shapes: rectangle, blade and teardrop.
  • Order our suction cup flags today!