Trade Show Canopy Kit


Now you can set up your shop outdoors beneath our premium quality canopies. Our custom canopies are the perfect option for all outdoor corporate events, from exhibit's to trade shows and everything in between. Our Custom Canopy 10' x 10' will help establish your unique presence at all corporate events and the customized fabric will bring in more traffic towards your business.

Custom Canopy 10' x 10'

Our tradeshow canopy kit includes a Custom Canopy 10' x 10' that is specifically designed for use at any kind of outdoor event. The customized custom canopy 10' x 10' not only provides you shelter from the sun and rain, but also helps you convey your marketing message to all those who attend the event. The creative design and customization has been designed to give your business the attention you deserve. Our canopies are big enough to provide you with the space for you to convey your marketing message in the most effective way. Our custom canopy 10' x 10' can be yours in a number of affordable options, which makes them the best choice for your marketing needs during an exhibition outdoors. Our canopies offer superior quality and durability so that they can easily be used multiple times.

Blade Flags

When it comes to promoting your brand at exhibit's and trade shows our blade flags are one of the best promotional tools you can use. Because of their impressive designs and vibrant colours our Blade Flags are the perfect option and a smart way to get the message across. Our Blade Flags also allow you to build brand awareness and can be used both inside or outside. The blade flags come in multiple hues so that you can find the perfect one according to your brand colours.

Full Table Covers & Throws

Chic and stylish, that is what our Premium Full Table Covers and Throws (2.5' x 8' - 3 sided) can help you garner the attention you need at trade shows, exhibit's and other events. The next time you attend an exhibition or corporate event don't forget to take our premium quality Premium Full Table Covers and Throws (2.5' x 8' - 3 sided) along with you to give your booth a refined look. Our table covers and throws have been designed so that it drapes the entire table and hands down the sides, giving it that regal look.

The top quality design along with the customization options will definitely contribute to the success of your exhibit's or promotional events, mainly because our table covers and throws will make your table prominent and will encourage people to take notice of your brand. The best thing about using our Premium Full Table Covers and Throws (2.5' x 8' - 3 sided) is that you can use it multiple times. Our table covers and throws are also an ideal option for those who want to get that stylish look to their event without having to break the bank. Our premium quality and durable Premium Full Table Covers and Throws (2.5' x 8' - 3 sided) are affordable and can be yours at very low rates without you having to skimp on the quality. So, what are you waiting for? To find out more on our trade show canopy kit you can contact us right away.