Trailer/Truck Lettering

Trailer/Truck Lettering


Stuck in a jam on the highway? Parking for long hours? Or just on the move? Use these as an opportunity to advertise your business

  • It's easy to clean- just wipe off over the lettering
  • Very good alternative of Billboard
  • Safe for vehicle body-won't damage paint

Trailer Lettering / Truck Lettering

What is a great way to advertise your business on the highway or while everyone's stuck on a traffic jam? Use lettering to advertise your services on trailers or trucks!

While stuck in a traffic jam, a big truck and trailer is easily visible from a distance, and you can take advantage of this feature by promoting your business, right in the very slack time of a traffic jam! Just use high quality truck lettering to promote your services while your truck operates on its daily work schedule. Get two benefits!

Play With Letters And Grow Your Business!

The easiest way to promote business services, create awareness, increase demand, and expand your business is through the affordable means that is using business and transport vehicles, trucks and trailers, in your advertising campaign!

All you need is high quality truck and trailer lettering, which ensures easy application, and you are good to go! It is as easy as that! And we offer custom lettering for truck and trailer as per your need.

What We Offer You!

What we offer you is a high quality and reliable service of custom lettering for truck and trailers, to help you advertise with minimum hassle. Instead of paying for billboard promotions, you can utilise this alternative by using our truck lettering.

Our trailer lettering is available in a high quality material, with a large collection of lettering styles to meet your needs.

To use your truck or trailer as a mobile billboard, we offer you pre-spaced and readymade truck lettering to make the most use of your business vehicle.

By opting for our custom lettering, you can be sure of the following:

  • The lettering is absolutely safe for the body of the truck and trailer, and does not damage the surface paint after application.
  • Adhesive letters which are easy to apply.
  • Lettering is available in a pre-spaced format.
  • The lettering is available ready for use.

Product Specifications

The trailer lettering we offer has the following product specifications:

  • The lettering is easy to clean. It can be cleaned by simply wiping off over the lettering on the truck.
  • Lettering is available in a pre printed design format for easy and quick use.
  • The lettering material has a thickness of around 120 microns.
  • The letters are pre-coloured PVC material.
  • Lettering comes with a self adhesive quality for easy and hassle free application.

We also ensure services like:

  • A 24 hour customer service for handling all customer queries and feedback.
  • A 180 day warranty feature.
  • Free shipping options and package deals.
  • A complete refund option which comes with a 100% money back guarantee feature.

Advertise through an easy and affordable means! Go for custom lettering for truck and trailer!

Contact Us

If you want to place an order or know more details about our services, contact us at +64 (800) 453-164. Take your pick from our collection of truck lettering and attract the attention of your customers with our help!