Vehicle Lettering


Vehicle Lettering

Want to know an easy and affordable way to advertise your business? Want to advertise your company services and contact details all over the neighbourhood and arouse the curiosity of your potential market? Then use your car!

Yes you read that right! By using your own or other vehicles to advertise your business services, you can be sure of attracting a larger crowd. And how? Just use vehicle lettering to showcase your services and contact number and you are done!

The Magic Of Words!

Stylish vehicle lettering is all it takes; it really is that easy! The SUV, truck, taxi, or car you use for advertising your business will attract customer attention with the eye catching vehicle letters of your choice.

Our advice is:

Say it loud and clear with our custom vehicle vinyl letters and exercise the unrivalled magic of words!

What We Offer In Letters And Words!

We offer you an opportunity to advertise your business on the vehicle of your choice, by choosing the font style and colour that meets your preference and needs.

We understand the power of words and that is why we offer you quality vehicle lettering so that you can promote your business and attract crowds, with the right selection of high quality custom vehicle vinyl letters!

Rest assured, our team of experts are always available for all the help you need. From placing an order, right up to the actual lettering application process, we have got you covered!

By opting for our services you can be sure of:

  • Safe to use vinyl vehicle letters that will not damage the paint on the vehicle
  • Durable vinyl letters which have a glossy finish
  • Adhesive letters which ensure easy application
  • Letters are available in a regular cut as well as a reverse cut option

Product Specifications

Our vehicle letters come with the following product specifications:

  • Pre-coloured PVC vehicle letters which are self adhesive
  • The letters have a thickness of 120 microns
  • The letters are available in a pre printed design
  • Coloured vehicle letters are available as per choice

Our services also ensure:

  • 180 day warranty
  • Free shipping options to benefit from
  • A 24 hour customer service assurance
  • Expert advice from professionals when needed
  • Complete refund option with a 100% money back guarantee

Contact Us

If you are looking for durable quality material vehicle letters, which will not damage the paint on your car, then call us at +64 (800) 453-164 and choose the ones that meet your unique needs. If you need any expert advice, our team is always ready to be of service and will help you to place the right order and get the vehicle letters you need.

Just choose the letters of your choice from our large collection of pre printed vinyl letter portfolio, and advertise your business offerings in a unique customized way that is sure to catch the attention of your potential audience!