Wall Fabrics


If you want a wall display option which is easy to apply and remove and comes with the effect of vivid graphic images on a soft fabric, our wall fabric is exactly what you need!

Wall fabric involves the printing of high quality UV ink graphics on a soft lightweight fabric. The fabric has a sticky adhesive on the back which makes it' possible to stick it on almost any surface you want. From dry painted walls to wooden surfaces and columns to glass, the wall fabrics can stick to a variety of smooth surfaces, offering you the chance to promote an event or deal with a creative fling!

Since you can stick the printed wall fabrics anywhere you want, you can announce an offering through the glass window of your shop window, or use the easily removable fabric as temporary posters.

Promotions Made Easy With Wall Fabrics!

With wall fabrics being available as a viable promotion option, you don't need to worry about how to spread the word about an upcoming popular event, main attraction, or available product promotion. If you want to attract the attention of your target market at a trade show, all you have to do is wrap the adhesive wall fabric on the stall walls and columns to let everyone know of your services.

The soft textured look of the wall fabric is an ideal choice for displaying graphic images when you don't want the glossy shiny look, but are looking for a softer professional effect for your promotional material. Nothing lets you enjoy the promotional hassle better than the easy to apply and remove wall fabrics, which sport vivid graphic displays due to high resolution printing.

What We Offer...

If you are looking for a wall fabric which supports your customised designs, then place an order for a high quality product which can serve as your temporary poster whenever and wherever you want!

Just send us the image details and poster design and we'll provide you with a superior quality wall fabric made according to your particular order needs. No order is too big or too small for us. Let us know the size dimensions of your wall fabric and we'll provide you with one which will add the needed element to your promotional campaign or presentation.

Just stick them on painted wallboards, concrete, wood or any other smooth surface and add a soft graphic effect to your event, by using as a promotional backdrop. The possibilities are endless and the easy installation and removal feature of this wall fabric product makes it a must for promoting events and offerings without any hassle!

Easy to put on and remove, wall fabrics will surely make life much easier, and the sharp image printing adds a new dimension to the task of publicising services or offerings in a unique way.

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Just send us your artwork or seek the help of our expert team to use our online design tool and select the perfect graphic details for print on your wall fabric. If you have any questions about our services, just call us at +64 (800) 453-164 and our expert team will help you place the right order according to your project needs.